B and B Refunding will audit your complete account and reconcile your expected inventory with account posted inventory.


     Do you know that it is mandatory to automatically credit your company for items that are missing from your inventory!


  • B and B Refunding will efficiently ensure that the cost of all Damaged, Lost, Destroyed, and Non Refunded items will be fully refunded to you without an upfront charge.

   Many shipping companies guarantee their deliveries by a specified time, promising a full refund if they do not meet that promise.

  Turns out they miss their deadline more often than you think!

    Do you know that a delivery that is even as little as 60 seconds late entitles you to a full refund!  


  • Don’t be one of the thousands of customers that lose out on hundreds of dollars in missed refund opportunities.


  •  B and B Refunding will submit a claim for your late packages and recover and refund the money owed to you.   


No cost to you!

We don't charge any upfront fees. We only earn a percentage of what we recover for you. You only stand to gain from our expertise.