What does B&B do?


      We work with companies to whom shipping is an integral part of their operations, and ensure that the multinational shipping companies they employ are delivering the business' goods to clients on time and as guaranteed. If we determine a package was not delivered on time or with proper care, we can obtain a refund that might otherwise go unclaimed.



Services we offer:



  • LATE DELIVERIES - If your package is not delivered by the guaranteed delivery date, we'll get you your GSR (Guaranteed Service Refund).

  • NON-SHIPMENTS - We cover packages that have been added to the carrier's database charged to you but never shipped.

  • INCORRECT ADDRESS CORRECTIONS - carrier fees for an address correction that you had correct on the original manifest

  • INCORRECT RESIDENTIAL vs. COMMERCIAL SURCHARGES - Often commercial shipments are incorrectly billed as though they are their more expensive cousins, residential shipments. We'll get that money back for you.

At no upfront charge to you! 

Just a percent of your refund!