How does B&B get you your refunds?


  • B&B Refunding finds your discrepancies

  • B&B Refunding’s dedicated team keeps up to date with Amazons Seller Central

  • B&B Refunding finds Amazon’s missed “auto reconciles”


What does B&B get you refunds for?


  1.  Inventory Damaged in Amazons Warehouse 

  2. Inventory Lost in Amazons Warehouse

  3. Refunded though not returned Orders

  4. Replaced though not returned

  5. Unrequested Destroyed Inventory

  6. Lost Inbound Shipments

  7. Incorrect Package size calculations

  8. Damages & Late Returns

  9. Refund Discrepancies

  10. Missing Reimbursements
  11. Fee Discrepancies



At no upfront charge to you! 

Just a percent of your refund!